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Top Fuel Knitting

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Santa Pod is the UK’s best appointed drag race track. I’ve had an interest in drag racing since starting as a journalist 12 years ago and often go there for a bit of therapy. Blanket on the grassy knoll, some cider and a plump pizza drizzled with 300 degree melted cheese. Two years I took my other half to the European Finals where there was top fuellers amongst door slammers etc, and I noticed this woman. Everyone was watching cars crack 6 second quarter mile times (and less), but this woman had her ear defenders on and was crocheting a tapestry or something. She seemingly didn’t give a toss about the dragsters, she was there to knit. I found that a bit random.


If you’ve not done it already (and if you’re just bored) why not try listening to some of the Carpervert podoutcasts?

Square is hip: fact.

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Regent quartic

I’ve got an RS6 Audi outside on the drive and it’s got an oblong steering wheel. It’s funny how the early Austin Allegros got panned for having a quartic steering wheel, yet we’re seeing more non-circular ‘wheels in concept and productions cars than ever before. There’s been a Mercedes wearing a quartic quite recently.

Because my Grandma and Grandpa had a mustard/bum liquid hued Allegro with a quartic steering wheel (and because my Auntie had a Bournville brown mk2) I feel the love for Allegros. They’re not as bad as people make out – i’d have one over a Marina or Ital or FSO Polonez any day. The Allegro is finally gaining its kitsch cult status, and I kinda hope one day it will reach the dizzy prices that Ford Capris have.

In Austin Allegro terms, the most exotic was the Italian version – the Innocenti Regent. It was basically the same but with an ill placed rear number plate and more sporting (but still square) steering device. Here’s a picture of one. I want one for my Allegro V6 project. If anyone finds or knows of one, please tap me up. In the meantime, here’s details of the Allegro V6 sleeper project:

Genitalia Simulator?

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009


Like the Scania truck aquarium, this was something I stumbled upon during the filming of Industrial Junkie ( ) . Inside the research and development dungeons @ Scania’s Sweden HQ, there were various rooms testing components to destruction. The door to this confused me and the British camera crew. I didn’t dare enter, in case I saw something rude. If any Swedes are reading this, can you enlighten me? I know you guys craft out some excellent vintage adult films, but this is taking things a tad far, surely?

Why trucker’s cabs whiff a bit…

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009
Behold, the Scania Aqualine

Behold, the Scania Aqualine

Suffering from wind

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

A gate has fallen on Mrs Carperv’s Nissan Figaro, leaving a harsh dint on the hard-to-repair rear quarter. Bloody wind. I don’t so much mind cold and rain, but wind is always annoying. With all this glorious British climate it’s time to invest in a breathable car cover or lash up a car port. Old people always have good car ports. I’ve just walked around the neighbouring roads and found at least 4 Bungalows sporting posh lean-tos for keeping the rain off Maud’s Honda Jazz.

In the meantime here’s my little feature on the man who owns a Bugatti Veyron with the most expensive numberplate British money can buy:

First Post

Friday, November 13th, 2009

This is it Gentleladies and men. The blogging virginity has been broken. If you want to keep tabs on what I’m doing in both work and non work life, this is a good place to bookmark. Obviously I’ll try to make it entertaining or informative.

In the meantime please go to for some videos of my archive TV stuff.

I can smell burning. It’s time to change my website’s brake pads.