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Lexual intercourse & Dodge dormancy

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Well, the first episode of the the new Fifth Gear went out a couple of days ago. The general consensus is favourable of the no nonsense, fast paced, no studio format. It was great to see Plato savour every aspect of the 458 Italia. Question is, will he chop in the 911 Turbo?

If you watched this first ep, you may have seen the unfortunate Austin Mini T-boning an equally unfortunate Lexus LS400. As the Lex was destined for certain death (and it had a gallon of fuel in the tank), I decided to give the old girl one last blaze of glory. Here is what happened. Apologies for the lack of driving talent on my part. I blame the baking serrated concrete:

PS: The Charger is still not re-MoTed and out on the road, where it belongs on sunny days like today. I’ve struggled to find the time and inspiration to get to the workshop and remove the steering wheel to replace/fiddle with the indicator stalk mechanism. Am desperate to find some clips to re-fit the rear roof pillar ‘V’-trims too. It looks crap without those. The whole car needs a good weekend of tinkering really. Must do asap. Must also take it for a rolling road to sniff out the cause of the throttle flutter flat spot off-idle….