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The eye in the sky (found a classic pig sty)

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Google Earth street view is a very handy bit of kit, not just for criminals who want to check your house security, but also for classic car hunters. I drove past a village the other month and it was early. I wasn’t going to rap on someone’s front door at 6.30am and ask if they wanted to sell their pair of mildew smothered Cortina estates. Instead, I memorised the road and found it on Google street view when I got home.

I know a few mates who have scanned the countryside for scrap yards in this way. Google Street View is a bit invasive of your privacy if you are German and like naked valeting like this but other than that it can be very useful for petrol head people. There are dilapidated cars all over the UK on drives and gardens crying out to be saved. This could help the cause.

New TV show starts on Jan 12th

Monday, January 10th, 2011

During last year I was fortunate enough to film a documentary show all about the heavy plant and mental machinery used to erect the 2012 Olympic Park complex in London. The hour long show, called Olympic Park Machines, will air on January 12th at 9pm on Quest. The highlight for me was getting to operate a high reach demolition nibbler. Unfortunately I was practising by pulling down the Get Carter multi-storey carpark in Gateshead. R.I.P.

You can get Quest via Freeview channel 38 or Sky channel 154 –

Those who remember my series Industrial Junkie from a couple of years ago may already be familiar with Quest and its use of early ’90s music by EMF on the website. I for one loved the EMF. Where the dickens are they now?

Me & the ‘shine runner on

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Merry Merry ’11 to one and all. Here, have two gifts: fuel prices over 128p per litre and 20% VAT. Go forth and enjoy yourselves….

If you missed it earlier last year, you can now catch up with my little feature on the ’68 Dodge online by clicking

this bit of highlighted text…

While the weather is lethal for such old Detroit dinosaurs the plan is to remove and recondition the heater matrix, fit the window scraper felts and then check weather forecasts for a break in the frost to drive to a rolling road. Got to get that little flat spot ironed out once and for all. I had a dream about getting one of the front ‘fang’ overriders brass plated too. Just one.