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Craptain’s log, star date nineteen seventy something…

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Inappropriate names for cars are nothing new, but this one takes the biscuit. No only is it shaped like a tin of Family Circle, but it’s electric. If cars could be the bullied ginger kid at school, it would surely be the Lawil Log.

Yes, LOG.

Judging by its Etch-Sketch shape, it’s hard to believe the Log was created by the same people who built the sexy flowing lines of the Lambretta scooter.

Clearly the only customers were ’70s James Bond baddie minions (you know, the ones who scuttle around secret missile bases inside hollowed out volcanoes).

Lawil was a part of the French Lambretta and the Italian Innocenti groups. The name was derived from Henri Willame (Director of Lambretta) + Mr. Lavezzari (Designer) = LAvezzari + WILlame.

It made Britain’s electric effort of the same period – the Enfield 8000 – actually look quite good. The Enfield is pictured on the right, but obviously you knew that…