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Thursday, December 15th, 2011

I’ve not been a particularly active blogster this year. It’s predominantly been about Twitter ( HOWEVER, with 2012 around the corner and a large sack on guilt on my shoulders, I promise to update the blog more frequently.

Starting today in fact the Carperv website is going under construction to finish some of the sections I promised to do about 18 months ago. A lot of these will show my current and past personal car projects, as that seems to be one of the most FAQs you guys send me.

Stuff like

‘What did you drive in 1997’?

It was either my Beetle 1500 or Dad’s Hillman Avenger estate. The Avenger was better for fishing trips.

‘What’s the cheapest car you ever bought’?

VW Polo saloon mk2. £15 with 4 days MoT from a Bristol car boot sale. Bit random. It was shite (but you knew that).