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New ‘box for Fifth Gear

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

We’ve been filming it since Feb and finally the new series – series 21 can you believe – starts tonight (Monday) on Discovery (Sky 520) at 8pm.

The episodes are back to being an hour long, which is something no one will complain about. I have to say it’s been a right hoot making this, my 11th and 12th series, for the show. I never expected to ever do TV stuff in my motoring journo career, but it’s been so so enjoyable.

In the first ep tonight I’m behind the wheel of Gerard DeRooy’s 2012 Dakar winning truck. Only 2650 lb ft of twist on tap, and Gerard suggests it’s a great idea for me to race him against the clock in a huge active quarry. Sheer drops and a confusing gearbox weren’t my ideal companions but I survived to tell the tale.

Hope you enjoy the new dose of Tiff, Jason Potato, VBH and I.

If you haven’t watched the Discovery trailer, click here…