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New BBC series – #MotorheadsTV

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

For a large chunk of 2016 I have been writing and filming a new series with Tom Ford for BBC Worldwide called Motorheads. Due out in autumn on a channel yet to be confirmed (the Beeb play their cards close to their corporate chest) the series is born around the vast amount of uploaded video clips featuring everything from redneck motorsport and terrible parking, to unemployed IT people in the Netherlands converting their car to drive using a phone for €1000.


Think of it, then, as a vehicular Russell Howard’s Good News mashed with Harry Hill’s TV Burp. But with some car-based experiments and japes. Rest assured we had a dollop of laughs making the series.

I’ll be the first person to admit that my blogging frequency is weak these days, as the most interaction takes place via my Twitter and Insta accounts. A completely new Carpervert site is about 5 years overdue, but finally in the pipeline as I write this. And yes, it will include much more car content, not to mention the odd retro mower, aquarium or Tamiya RC model. Just because.



Silent but violent – my electric car goes quicker than an Aventador

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

Back in 2012 I dragged a bizarre little electric relic from a shed in Bristol and embarked on a mission to build an electric hot rod. This EV would embrace the custom car culture but push the boundaries and perceptions of EVs (electric vehicles).

With over 2000 amps under its skin and a full MoT, in 2015 the Enfield 8000 ‘Flux Capacitor’ ran in the 10 second quarter mile bracket by the end of 2015. 10.84 sec @121mph.

2016 marks the start of a world record attempt in the little yellow ochre angle bottomed Isle-of-Wight born curiosity. I want to be the world’s quickest street legal EV. The magic number to beat is 10.25 seconds on the quarter mile. In June I reached a personal best of 10.51 @ 129mph. We have fitted an additional battery pack in the boot and are now meddling with final drive gear ratios (because the car is too short to fit a gearbox in). To follow the mods, the skinned knuckles and the celebrations just head to