Hello Skyfall

On the right is one of the seven (or 12, depending on who you ask) Landie Defender pick-ups that were used in the 007 flick Skyfall. They were subjected to a good thrashing around an Istanbul market square during a chase that takes place in the opening 15 minutes of the film.

I won’t ruin it for anyone, but I can say that the Defenders were converted to petrol engines with auto boxes (and an ECU tweak), together with uprated shocks and front wheels spaced out by 7-inches. The latter was to cope with a stunt driver’s cage mounted on the roof.  If this info is bobbins then blame the film’s stunt guru – Chris Corbould. He’s done a few Bond films now. His favourite 007 screen challenge? The ice driving missile firing very green Jag XKR roadster in Die Another Day. It was converted to 4WD, but you probably already knew that.

Skyfall’s automotive stunts are much more believable. The baddies tool around in Audis. There are no new Astons on screen, but I can vouch for how comfy M’s long wheel base XJ Jag is. I snored in it all the way back from the preview screening.

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