I’ve never done a CV before

Since going freelance in 2006 I’ve (perhaps foolishly, p’raps flukily) never sat down to write a CV.

Ironic, seeing as my job involves a lot of writing. Before a journo there were some college jobs.

I saved up for my first car (the Beetle) by building prawn baguettes at the Safeway coffee shop in Taunton. Before that was Monkton Elm garden centre, Bishops Lydeard Londis check-out (there were two tills), lawn mowing for the ladies in big bungalows nearby (could cut and strim 11 in a weekend at a push). And then there was my favourite – Watermarque aquarium superstore. Happy days. Well, apart from Safeway.

This, then, is my visual CV. Hope you enjoy it. There’s two versions. One for busy people and a longer version for busy-but-more-patient folk.

PS: Enjoy Movember. I’m going all-out for a Selleck style lip slug. Rest assured there’s a 308 GTS on my Christmas list.


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