Powered by npower

Somebody at the energy giant npower liked what they saw/heard. A few meetings later I am proud to announce that they are the latest sponsor of my Flux Capacitor EV hot rod project.

As I write this the Enfield’s high voltage wiring is nigh on finished, thanks to the boys at Current Racing Then it’s time to order some batteries and bolt the front brake calipers/discs up (and hope they fit).

If you are a battery company and are interested in getting involved in the Flux Capacitor, please get in touch.



That green box is called a Zilla. It is basically the ECU brain of the car, freshly imported from the US after nearly £4k. Ouch. It is situated under the passenger seat where it lives next to a contactor switch (which completes the circuit and makes it go forward). I’m learning more about EVs each week. Still have no idea how the Enfield is going to drive when I mash the ‘loud’ pedal….

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